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Beansgalore are you local supplier for Polystyrene material EPS. Open 6 days in Brendale or you can place your order online, it's easy, convenient and safe 24/7, Our polystyrene is the best quality at very competitive prices. We supply both commercial and residential markets.

Full range of Profile cutting services, Profiles, Signs, Letters, Custom Profiles, Architectural Profiles, Packaging Profiles etc....Standard or customized sheets, blocks

*Free delivery on orders over $400 Only when purchase online

( Greater Brisbane , Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast only )

Expandable Polystyrene Grade

Online store predominantly lists SL Grade = 13kg per m3 which is the most common and versatile standard grade. We also stock M/HD = 19kg per m3 and H = 24kgs per m3.

Applications for Polystyrene EPS

Packaging, cladding, insulation, ceiling panels, sub floor, sound proofing, stage sets back drops, photographer work, sign boards, pin boards, art projects and widely used in concreting and construction industry, garage doors, bee boxes, garage doors, form work just to name a few and we cut to size in house....

Note the online Polystyrene store is only for following areas Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast unless it stated otherwise.

All prices quoted below include GST