Questions and Answers

Q. What's the best way to pay/order?

A. There are many options for payment.

  • Online - Visa, MasterCard or Paypal 
  • Direct Bank deposit EFT.
  • In store or by phone 07 3142 5187
  • Invoicing can be arranged by request.

Q. Can i pick my order up?

A. Yes you can from Unit 2, 26 Terrence Road Brendale. Proceed as normal you will come to a page where you have 3 options, one is pay and collect select this option and the delivery fee will be removed. You'll be contacted regarding pick up day. It can normally be collected on the same day if it is in stock, if not could be up to 1-5 days.

Q. Can you Deliver and where?
Yes we deliver local Brisbane $44.00, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast areas, Bayside or Ipswich $55.00, Some products are available Australia Wide.
Q. Can I paint my Polystyrene?

A. Yes you can Water base paints are ok.

Q. What kind of glue can i use on Polystyrene?

A. There are many kinds. Do not use anything containing solvents it will melt the polystyrene. Only use water base products including glues liquid nails works well and expandable foam in a can also works well as a glue. Recommend testing your glue before hand.

Q. Is Polystyrene Safe?

A. Polystyrene is totally CFC / HCFC free also fire retardant.

Q. I need a lot or strips for packaging can you cater for this?

A. Yes we can any amount, size or shape.

Q. How many beans do i need for my bean bag?

A. I can only give general amount in most cases small bag take 100-200 litres Medium 200-300 litres Large 300-400 litres X large 400-500.

Q. What kind of beans do you sell?

A. We sell Standard Virgin grade beans.

Q. I've been told i need 5 kg of beans how many litre of beans do i need?

A. Generally there are many different size beans so these all weigh different amounts per 100L.
As a rule if you been told you need 5 kgs = 500 Litres no matter the size of bead used.

Q. What is Polystyrene EPS

A. Polystyrene is Expandable Polystyrene a closed cell resilient lightweight rigid cellular plastic material which contains upto 98% air and white in colour. Its moisture resistant and long lasting doesn't attract insects or rodents available in a range of densities and sizes.

We stock the most common grades 

  • SL Grade ( Standard ) 13kg/m3,
  • M Grade 19kg/m3
  • H grade 24kg/m3
  • R Value 1 per 40mm thick SL Grade ( approximately )

All our product apply with Australian standards and contains a fire retardant.

Main Applications

  • Insulation
  • Protective Packaging / Packing
  • Arts, Crafts & Projects
  • Void's
  • Architectural Profiles / Molding
  • Letting & Numbers