DIY Garage Door Insulation

* Now available Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and packs of 16 Sydney, Melbourne Metro only * 

Garage hot? Insulate your garage door with Polystyrene EPS - it's an easy DIY job!!!        Buy Online today scroll down to see your options.

  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective
  • Cools the garage and house
  • These don't come laminated something you can do yourself if required, we have found its not needed will get a great results without the extra weight.                                                                            
Garage Door Insulation Brisbane
We supply panels for all sectional garage doors normally there are 16 panels to one door.
You will need to measure each panel note these don't bend much if any. Only use water base products adhesive or paint etc.. 

There are several ways to measure and fit two of the most common ways below
  1. Measure from inside bottom channel to start for the top lip this way the panels slots into bottom and then fix back with small amount of water base liquid nails, if its firm fit can wiggle it up to catch the top lip or vice versa wiggle it down with this metered glue may not be required. Do not include any concealed areas on the sides and remember when measuring these don't bend much if any.
  2. Purchases the slotted cutting fee for $3.30 extra per panel this way it does bend enough to fit panel into the channel, measure the hole gap inside bottom to inside top simply bend into place.
Pick up is available from Brendale and we deliver in Greater Brisbane Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne Metro  these can be purchased online, outside this area contact us for a quote Australia wide.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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